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Chefs – It’s never going to be the same as it was

I was depressed watching the news about the new political climate where the fringe on both sides is slowly chipping away at tradition and accepted norms when it finally dawned on me – this applies to everything – this applies to kitchens and the profession that I have been part of for the past fifty years. Just as the extreme right and left in politics no longer care about the way things have been done…

hospitality 2.0

The other side…

Hospitality 2.0 Hi, Hospo friends & family, Over the past few weeks, I have been chatting with a bunch of industry thought leaders (whilst we are all bunkered down) to start to explore “what our great industry may look like on the other side.” There have been some great insights, so I thought I would share these in the hope of shining a ray of hope, during a very difficult time.  

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