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For the last few months, I have been on the hunt for a quality knife maker. A local Australian brand, Australian made. And a knife that didn’t break the bank, a Quality piece

As fate would have it, Colum from Your Last Knife reached out on Social Media and we worked something out. I really liked the look of his work, his knives were interesting and different from what I’ve seen out there and the price point was right.

So, I am pleased to announce We Have Teamed up with Your Last Knife – out of South Australia. These blades are amazing VG10 Steel and they sure do hold an incredible edge. The craftsmanship is great, the attention to detail is precise and they are very, very well balanced and very sharp, you have a choice of various locally sourced wood which is carefully crafted into your very own Handle – colours are customized to your liking.

It features a 60-62 Rockwell Rating (similar to a Shun), which means the blade is harder and will hold a much better edge than the traditional Globals, or Wusthofs. But potentially more brittle, but will stand up to everything other than hacking at bones in the kitchen.

The handle is always the centrepiece of a knife, it’s what grabs the eye, and it should be unique to you. So they offer choices, many choices. Their list of woods is continually expanding and  Your last Knife sources only the highest quality indigenous Australian wood. Please note every handle crafted is unique, and they showcase them beautifully.

‘An excellent blade isn’t enough. We think the handle needs to be a unique work of art as well, and then it will be your last knife.’


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I was chatting to Colum and he was kind enough to send me a couple of samples to review:
Their communication is great and the ease of the website is superbly easy to navigate especially when it comes to selecting and choosing your wood and resin.

Upon receiving the first package, the first impression is great. Solid packaging and fast-tracked mail. I trialed them in a commercial kitchen earlier and they had no problems getting through the bigger tougher jobs.
A quick hone on the steel and it brings the edge right back, good as new! The knives feel good in your hand, really nicely weighted and the edge is incredibly sharp. They are functional and unique and look great.

Let’s talk price point, very affordable knives starting from AU$65 upwards. A chef’s knife retails for around AU$130. There is quite a selection to choose from, knives can be purchased as individuals or as a group or set.
All in all, I am personally very happy with knives and would highly recommend and endorse Your Last Knife products.

Check out the video of Colum grafting away in his workshop, very cool operation indeed.

They would be a great addition to your knife roll or even make a great gift.

Please be sure to check out their Website or Social Media Pages on Instagram & Facebook
To receive a AU$10 discount off Your Last Knife please ensure to add the coupon code: CHEFSELECT. Shipping & Handling is available worldwide.

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