If you’ve ever had someone call in sick at the last moment and you can’t get anyone else to fill the shift, you’ll understand how frustrating and stressful it is to see your kitchen struggle to cope with one less employee. This problem is exactly what Chef Select aims to address – if you’re understaffed and struggling, you can request an emergency Chef for Perth. Our emergency Chef service means that you’ll be able to get a replacement Chef as soon as possible, so that your business’ performance won’t suffer when an employee is unable to work.

The emergency Chefs hired by Chef Select are all professionals with at least 10 years’ post-trade experience working as a Chef both Locally and Internationally. Our Chefs come from a wide range of restaurant types, including hotels, restaurants, cafés, catering companies and have a variety of cooking experiences and skills and are available as emergency Chefs in Perth 24/7. By having Chefs with such a wide range of expertise available, we are confident we have the right Chef for every type of kitchen. The emergency Chefs that we keep on a roster are capable of entering any kitchen and working seamlessly with the other kitchen staff. Whether you have a restaurant to run or a hotel to manage, your kitchen will never be understaffed again as we have plenty of Chefs on standby 24/7 in the Perth metro area.

Our clients hire an emergency Chef for many different reasons, from someone not showing up to their shift, to the business needing to cover for someone while a replacement is found. Our emergency Chef service means that when you’re hit by the unexpected, there are professional Chefs on standby, who are ready to help keep your kitchen from falling into disarray.

Our emergency chefs are hired in Perth for a multitude of reasons. Most commonly, business owners utilize our services when a chef calls in sick and the business desperately needs to find a chef on standby. Peak periods often demand an emergency chef, as businesses require extra staff during this time to stay on top of the extra business they’re benefiting from.

Our Chefs are also able to be hired out on contract. This means that if you know that you’ll be busy for a period of time or a Chef has taken leave, you can hire a Chef on standby for the duration of this period to ensure your business can handle extra business and doesn’t struggle in the absence of one Chef.

We understand that the restaurant industry is unpredictable, which is why Chef Select has emergency Chefs on standby 24/7. With Chefs available for both short term and long term contracts, you won’t need to go through a lengthy hiring process the next time you are suddenly short on staff. By hiring an emergency Chef from us at a competitive price, you’ll be able to keep your kitchen running smoothly and successfully at all times.

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